Pat Tusler

Pat is a designer, musician, writer, film maker, parent, son, husband, disciple and friend.

Be unique and focus on the best.

Focus on the best

In essence. Making your website special is down to the quality not quantity of your content. If you’re able to keep your focus on the best you will notice your site performing well in searches. Google’s algorithms no longer present ‘static’ results. The results listing may change several times a day for the same search terms. But the base principle… Read more →


Choice inspirational quotes.

A small collection of quotes that we find inspiring. A few thoughts we like to ponder upon from time to time. “Less is more.” Anonymous “Get out into nature. Get immersed in her beauty and her abundance. The creative mind seems to thrive on getting surcharged by being out in the fresh air.” Allotment wisdom “You get what you concentrate… Read more →

Why Wales

Lots of our clients ask us. “Why Wales?” Why did we chose to come to base our web design company in Wales. A long way from the big cities and the big money. The short answer is because of the quality of life, the surroundings, nature, beaches, rivers and forests; and of course the people. It’s from where we draw… Read more →

Web design prices for 2015

Quick update. Useful for planning and budgeting. See our newly updated web design pricing guide for web design and related services for 2015. You are welcome to use the guide in your project planning. Get in touch for specific prices. And of course we hope you will take a moment to get in touch so we can give you a… Read more →

Land of Holistic Pets Logo

New Land of Holistic Pets Website

Land of Holistic Pets have a brand new website and online shop at Created by joined up thinking The website is a joint project with Land of Holistic Pets, Tusler Design and SCL Internet Services. Working with designer and creative Hanuman at SCL the new site was constructed from the ground-up. Completely clean coded with an emphasis on ease-of-use… Read more →

working together for shared aims in a purpose economy

Purpose economy

The ‘purpose economy’ is people and businesses working together to achieve common goals beyond simply making profits. Only heard about this recently but it is obvious isn’t it? The Internet brought with it the ‘knowledge economy’. And now through mass use of communication tools like Twitter and Facebook over 1 billion people have internet access worldwide. So knowledge has led… Read more →

customer care

Once bitten, twice shy

Buying online is easier than ever and lots of us are doing it. My experience is that its still very hit and miss. Sometimes you order something and get sent something else. Or you want an item special delivery and it takes two weeks. You order something new and the company sends you a second-hand one. Sound familiar? I bought… Read more →


Online Training

Thanks to higher-speed broadband connections we’ve been providing online training via Skype. The advantages to the learners are they don’t have to travel to learn, saving time and cost. Also, the learners are ‘hands-on’ and able to practice new skills immediately in their own working environment. The training subjects include: using the Internet using WordPress updating websites and new pages… Read more →