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Fresh Mundos

Mundos supply gifts for discerning customers

Mundos (the high-street shop in Cardigan) has refreshed and re-launched their cool shopping site at The store uses Magento ecommerce system.

The web site is hooked up to their EPOS system from the main shop using Talgara. So customers can buy anything they like in the online shop and know it’s available in stock – in real-time.

It’s a great example of a high-street shop making use of the Internet.

Ralfab Motorsport – site is live

Escort jumping

Mark 2 Ford Escort jumping

Motorsport and rally specialists ‘Ralfab Ltd’ have a shiny new website.

Based in New quay in west Wales, Ralfab build complete rally cars. And also fabricate a variety of car components which are for sale on the website.

Specialising in Mark 1 and Mark 2 Ford Escorts they are happy to work on any car.

Check out