Using analytics data for your decision making

Is your site working for you?

Owners of websites can make huge improvements to the effectiveness of their sites by learning to understand their analytics user data. Google’s own tracking tool ‘Google Analytics‘ is a fantastic piece of software that anyone can use to their advantage. Adding Google’s Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics gives website owners and developers a broad and […]

Websites made easy

Its personal and it always was...

The Internet is actually a personal place. Because we are all persons, (I hope you agree). We are all interacting with webpages, sites and applications all the time when we are online. So it is a personal environment where we want to establish a connection, or relationship with our readers. This means you and me. […]

Our creative process

The governing principle in website design is to KISS “Keep it Simple Sweetie”   With that in mind, we; 1. Listen carefully to the client. We follow the principle of understanding the client, the brief, the need, etc. first. 2. Research and develop. Once we understand the brief we research and discuss possible solutions and […]