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These are our featured website designs. They are all examples that we like and find inspiring.

Although some of the content is not to everyone’s liking the usability and overall experience is what matters in this case.

These websites create the model for so many others.


Really good designs

Amazon – The original online retailer Amazon has one of the best e-commerce websites on the web. If you use the Internet you will almost certainly have used Amazon, even if just for research. http://amazon.com/ and http://amazon.co.uk/

Apple – Not everyone likes and uses Apple products. But many of us do. And since 2000 Apple Inc. have maintained an attractive website. They use high-quality images and well written text throughout, even the technical support pages are well thought through – but then Apple are one of the biggest companies in the world. http://www.apple.com/

eBay – Got to hand it to them, the original auction website with loads of features. A truly remarkable example of how the Internet can be used by ordinary people to make money and exchange goods. http://ebay.com/

Google – The one and only. Of course the company has grown beyond anyone’s expectation but they are still right at the top of the Internet game. http://www.google.com/ and http://www.google.co.uk/

John Lewis – This company has been at the forefront of department stores for decades and is always at the top of the list of well-designed websites for making e-commerce a pleasurable experience. http://www.johnlewis.com/

YouTube – Truly the bearer of the Internet video revolution. Now YouTube has grown into a wonderful forum for all to tell their story. And there’s plenty on there. http://youtube.com/

They’re not all big companies;

Conscious Skincare – Organic skin care company with one of the nicest looking websites on the web. http://conscious-skincare.com/

Mundos – High Street store where they didn’t compromise on the website. A bit of Magento made lovely. http://mundos.co.uk/



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