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EPOS Shop screen shot

EPOS (electronic point of sale) is a competitive market place.

We just re-designed http://www.eposshop.com if you want to have a look.

The project involved re-coding the entire website and re-writing all the content.

Ongoing now we are monitoring the search engine position of the site.

open source

Open Source

open source

Tusler-Design use and recommend open source software for content management system (CMS) solutions and for online shops. Open source has the advantage that it is being constantly improved by developers all over the world and is also free (or very low cost).

WordPress Blogging Platform.

WordPress is a fully customisable web publishing platform and content management system. We take the basic system and modify it for each specific client.

WordPress, like other CMS systems, enables contributors and editors to easily edit and update their website without needing to contact a specialist web developer all the time.

WordPress has thousands of widgets and plugins which make it suitable for a wide range of internet sites.

wordpress.org >

Magento E-commerce System.

Magento Ecommerce platform is the most sophisticated piece of shopping software we have seen. The fact that it is open source is even better.

Magento gives shop owners the ability to quickly display their products with clear images, descriptions, and prices; all linked to customer accounts and secure shopping carts.

Site owners then choose their preferred payment gateway and start selling online.

www.magentocommerce.com >


Ubuntu is a full featured open source, linux based operating system.

Not strictly a web development application Ubuntu is more like your Windows or Mac OS but is free and open source. Worth a look if you’re frustrated with Windows and your PC has slowed to a crawl.


The Open Source Initiative.


Open Source coding is not new to the Internet.

The Open Source Initiative began in 1998 and created one of the first web browsers; Netscape Navigator.



E-commerce is easier

For us almost no new sites are stand alone any more.

Site owners are becoming more aware about the value and potential of adding an online store and payment facility to their sites.

Web users are much more inclined to buy online than five or ten years ago. Still there are many who don’t but those who do are much more likely to do it again having done it once.

This is possibly why so many online stores offer huge value, discounts, free delivery and other rewards to new customers. Simply to create the initial interaction and purchase enabling on-going follow up by the vendor via email.

When you buy online you are agreeing to the company contacting you again… generally.