Helping our clients achieve their goals through honest, straightforward support and consultation.

Tusler Design consult with clients in lots of ways. Including;

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    Our first consulting role began with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies in 1998.

    Strategic planning.

  • Website development planning.
  • 360 degree planning.
  • Research and reviews.
  • Feasibility.
  • Project budgeting.
  • Fund-raising strategies.
  • Marketing planning.

1. Strategic Planning

Ever played chess? If you have then you may know that its essential to have a plan.

Chess pieces on board

Chess: strategic planning in action.

It helps to have a strategy on the Internet too.

Even if your plan is just for the next few steps, you still need to be aware of your overall aim in developing your website. And the steps you are taking to achieve that aim.

Tusler Design can help you with this important process.

2. Website Development Plans

Following the strategic principle means creating a plan for your website. The first creation.

A business website gives your company a professional profile on the Internet. It enables you to showcase your products and services and also gives your customers and potential customers a way of finding out more about you and deepening their relationship with your company through interactions online. News and a blog can be easily included into the business website package.

The business website often forms part of a wider Internet development strategy.

3. 360 Degree Planning

There’s an old saying: Plan your work and work your plan.

Creating a plan for your website is often more than just writing down which pages you want on your site.

Almost every Internet project is a combination of content, design, technology and the more subtle element of credibility.

Consideration should be given to the purpose of the website, the people who the site is for, the technology you need to make it happen and how to keep it fresh. Additionally you need to consider monitoring use of the website and then how to maintain and grow into the future.

Tusler Design can help you with this planning process. Often the planning process starts with some research.

4. Research and Reviews, incl. Feasibility

Before you start your website it is worth doing some research. Effective research will give you answers to the following question;

  • How do you want to interact with your visitors and customers?
  • Are others doing the same thing as you?
  • How are they doing it?
  • How is it working/making money for them?
  • What other websites and services do you like? And which don’t you like?
  • How much work do you have to do to create your content?
  • Do you have a business plan which includes your website and Internet activities? Do you even need a business plan (not all websites do)?

These are a few examples. Specific projects have their own questions to be defined and asked.

5. Project Costing and Budgets

Tusler Design can help you with your project costings and budget planning prior to commencement of your project.