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How the search engines work


Google search box – we all know, use band love.

Each of the major search engines works in a different way to the next.

What they all share in common is the aim of delivering relevant and timely search results for their users.

Some of the search engines use software spiders and robots to crawl through content and index it. They actually copy the entire Internet onto their own hard disks.

Other search engines use real people to look at web pages and then decide whether to include them in search results. These sites have lost prominence in recent years due to the increased dominance of companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

How do you make a site do well in search results?

Start with a good website

They key principle in making your website rise in the listing pages is to make it a relevant one.

Know your subject

You must know your subject and make your website about that subject.

When you add content; text, images, video, or audio, make it about the subject of the main website.

Keep to the point

Don’t get distracted and go off the point. Keep focused on what you’re trying to achieve.

Keep text simple

Make your text easy to read and comprehend. Avoid using long sentences and paragraphs.

Use titles and heading tags

Use titles, headings and sub-headings in the right way throughout your pages.

Meta tags too if it helps

Meta tags are useful but are secondary to what is actually on the page itself. There is no point in putting key words into meta tags that are not included on the page.

Use style sheets for layout

Where possible avoid using tables for your site layout. If you have a designer working for you make sure you point this out to them.

Know your users

Get to know your visitors and what they like and use on your site.

Use the right key words and phrases

Research and develop using the keywords people use to find your site. Also research associated key words and phrases and develop content to attract searches around these terms.

Links to you

A very important factor in determining your website’s position on the search engine results pages is how many sites are linking to you. Not just how many, but also how good or authoritative they are on a given subject.

If you have a few ‘quality’ links this can be more effective than lots of low-quality or irrelevant links.

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Keywords and phrases are important in improving search engine listings

Keywords and phrases are important in improving search engine listings

Successful websites usually have carefully thought through the key words and phrases that are important to their visitors.

Creating content to attract traffic (visitors) to websites and specific products can only be targeted through being relevant.

Keywords and phrases can be analysed in relation to worldwide and local searches.

Then content can be created to inform each subject, interlinking (via hyperlinks of course) to related pages within the website.

Thus improving natural search engine listings for our clients’ websites.

Basically it’s more targeted visitors, looking at webpages they are interested in, leading to more interaction and more sales.